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Zietz and Kennedy: Man-on-Man in the Wavegarden Cove

Pro surfers Sebastian Zietz (Haw) and Stu Kennedy (Aus) put on a high performance training session in the Wavegarden Cove in northern Spain.

Miguel Blanco
Black Sand

2 months on 2 pacific islands. “Black Sand” is the contrast found on both beautiful dreamy locations.

Filmed by Hugo Almeida & Nuno Dias
Edited by Hugo Almeida
Additional footage by Salty Wings & Cole Yamane

Supported by RipCurl

Jon Aspuru
17/03/2018 09:21
· H A W A I I ·

Basque friends Natxo Gonzalez, Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama and Aletxu Gironi finding some fun in Oahu, Hawaii during this winter.

Film and Edit By Jon Aspuru @jonbakio
Natxo Gonzalez @natxogonzalez1
Adrian Fernandez de Valderrama @adrofernandez
Alex Gironi @aletxugironi

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