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Sidewalk Magazine
two hours ago
Concrete Dinosaurs Part 2: Harrow Skatepark with Rune, Raven, Hatchell & Beckett

Here's the second part of a series of edits celebrating the UK Concrete Dinosaurs - the skateparks that survived the bust of the 1970's and are still skated today. We hooked up with Monster Energy heads Rune Glifberg, Raven Tershy, Ben Hatchell and Sam Beckett to see what a modern take on venerable concrete would look like.
For the Harrow session, the Concrete Dinosaurs crew are joined by Sam Pulley and Alex Hallford.

Thrasher magazine
four hours ago
Rough Cut: Jamie Foy's "Am Scramble" Footage

He’s built like a linebacker and he’s blitzing skate spots on every down. Jamie went completely ballistic on the Am Scramble trip. Here’s a up-close look at the carnage.

Loris Framarin
Edit from these days in Saas Fee! Such a sick park here!💣
🎥: Alessandro Benussi Alberto Maffei

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