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Santa Cruz
two hours ago

In Screaming Vlog #8 the crew hits Salba’s local park for a session that gets FIRED UP and then Eman breaks off to skate a MASSIVE ditch. Ever seen a Tarantula in the wild? Neither had we. Who is getting excited for Til The End Vol 5? We won’t lie… we think you’re going to like it.

We’ve got Steve Alba, Eric Dressen, Emmanuel Guzman, Henry Gartland, and new SC AM Brian ODwyer in the mix with Team Manager Eric Palozzolo filming for TTEV5. Be sure to subscribe and hit the notifications so you will know when the next Screaming Vlog pops up! Filmed by Joe Perrin and Nick Hanson. Edited by Trevar Cushing.

Black Yeti - World Rookie Tour
three hours ago
Prague Rookie Fest results

More than 110 young skaters from all over Europe competed in Prague last weekend to get their qualifications for the finals of the World Rookie Tour Skateboard! Below the results!

Prague Rookie Fest Results:

Prague Rookie Fest – ROOKIE Under21 Girls cat.
1. Antonie Bakošová
2. Laura Žáčková
3. Karolína Karbanová

Prague Rookie Fest – ROOKIE Under 21 cat.
1. Jan Navrátil
2. Vilém Jakeš
3. Dominik Václavík

Prague Rookie Fest – GROM cat.
1. Richard Březina
2. Tobiáš Jirovec
3. Alexander Rajna

Next and last qualifying event for the finals will take place in Modena on Saturday 31 October and Sunday 1 November!

Pictured: (L-R) Vilém Jakeš placed 2nd and Jan Navrátil the winner of Rookie U-21 category. Image credit: Tomáš Kříž / Skaterock CZ

Surfer Today
Will Deane Goes Wild at BSR Surf Resort in Waco

Watch young surfer Will Deane tearing apart the artificial waves of the BSR Surf Resort, in Waco, Texas.

The 12-year-old from North Carolina's Outer Banks of North Carolina, hit Waco so that he could train on a couple of specific air maneuvers with Yadin Nicol, Cruz Dinofa and Blayr Barton.

Deane ended up blasting the famous Texan surf lagoon. He took to the air, the barrel, and attacked the face of the most consistent waves in the United States.

The "Without a Life Jacket" edit was filmed over two days in October 2020 by Shawn Deane, Tim Dinofa and Geoff Armstrong.

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