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FIS World Cup - LAAX OPEN 2020
#LAAXOPEN 2020 - Best of LAAX OPEN 2020

Watch the LAAX OPEN 2020 event highlights. With Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Tag Team Crossover Session! To watch the replay of the World Cup, sanctioned by FIS and World Snowboarding, head over to Red Bull TV. The full 90 minutes live-stream of the Slopestyle - won by Julia Marino and Seb Toutant - and Halfpipe - won by Queralt Castellet and Scotty James - is globally available for free here:

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The Swiss resort of Laax has pushed freestyle snowboarding for more than 30 years and has been voted the world’s best freestyle destination for the fourth consecutive year – a development that’s been celebrated every year at the LAAX OPEN, Europe’s premier freestyle snowboarding contest that every rider in the world loves to attend.
At the 2020 edition, everyone experienced the spirit - be it riders, artists, fans...
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JENKEM - Revisiting the Water Tower Ollie w/ Jeremy Wray

In 1997, Jeremy Wray did one of the greatest tricks ever done on a skateboard – a 16-foot ollie from one water tower to the next.

For years, we’ve wanted to talk to Wray about his water tower ollie, so while we were out in California we tracking him down and convinced him to meet us close to the towers, about an hour outside of LA. And if it wasn’t nostalgic enough, we even had to hop the fence to stand in between the towers and soak in the madness.

WRT 2020 updates: from the Alps to USA and back
Video report from World Rookie Fest in Livigno - The Black Yeti flights to USA for 3 stops - New and fresh events coming up soon in Europe

Read on to check out the video highlights from Livigno & to find out where the World Rookie Tour is headed next!

Image credit: World Rookie Tour / Ania Grzelka

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