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22/03/2019 08:50
Tube of the Week / Matt Wilkinson at Pipeline - Freesurf Magazine

Honolulu GMC presents the #TubeOfTheWeek: Matt Wilkinson bottom turning into the belly of the beast... It’s the 2018 model blowout savings event down at the @gmchonolulu. Drive the best of the best, a new GMC! #freesurfmag #stillfree

22/03/2019 06:21
Red Gerard - Top Shots from X Games and Burton US Open - Insta360 ONE X

At some point or another, we've all dealt with the disappointment that results from missing the shot. Whether it was totally botching the camera placement on your helmet during a once-in-a-lifetime POV pow lap, or completely misjudging the angles when following your buddies through the terrain park, nothing can sour the mood like the realization that you’ve gotten nothing but throwaway footage.

Well, worry no longer thanks to the near foolproof video capability of the Insta360 ONE X.

Red Gerard got his hands on one and has been relying on it during the contest circuit, ripping hot laps through the park at Vail as well as the full jump line at X Games, and everything else in between.

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