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FIJI PERSPECTIVE - Brisa Hennessy | Facing Fears Surfing Huge Cloudbreak | Presented by Rip Curl

When the world went into lockdown in 2020, Brisa Hennessy found herself isolated in one of the most remote places on the planet - on the tiny remote island of Namotu in Fiji with her parents and a small group of local Fijians. Through facing her fears surfing huge Cloudbreak she was able to reflect on her sense of self, who she is and what her purpose is on this planet.

“Fear is uncomfortable. But I learnt [at Cloudbreak] that when you accept it’s real, it’s there, you’re willing to embrace it. You either stay uncomfortable or you grow.” – Brisa Hennessy, 2021

This is a story about perspective. This is Brisa’s story.

FIJI PERSPECTIVE - Presented by Rip Curl.

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Mountain Dew / Dew Tour
Jordyn, Part One | Presented by Toyota USA

Growing up on the North Shore of O’ahu, Jordyn Barratt was naturally drawn to surfing, but the passion just wasn’t there for her. Instead, she found her passion in skateboarding. Drawing inspiration from ‘80’s skate style, and the skaters who lived it, Jordyn watched those old videos until the VHS was worn out. Now, she often finds herself recreating the tricks from those same during her competition runs. Lately, as a part of Team USA, she’s training harder than ever but still keeping her focus on the most important aspect of skating: having fun.

Follow along on her journey in Jordyn, a two-part series presented by Toyota USA.

Directed by Jeremy Pettit

It's Tits! 2021 | Tactics

After a year off, It's Tits! was in full effect at Timberline featuring a list of heavy hitters like Mary Rand, Jill Perkins and Tactics rider Nora Beck. Keaton Rodgers captured the crew ripping on the Snowboy Productions built course. It's not rad, it's tits!

Film/Edit: Keaton Rodgers

Check out the full recap over on the blog:

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