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14 minutes ago
Making It Happen Brasa Mix | TransWorld SKATEboarding

an hour ago
Brett Barley on the Siamese Twin

As one of our most trusted test pilots, North Carolina's Brett Barley was given a Siamese Twin before we released it to the public (in shops May 1, 2017) to see what he could do on it and provide some feedback. Despite a lack of experience riding a twin fin, Barley took to it right off the bat and was spinning 360s, pulling into little tubes, and generally having a blast on the latest Superbrand model. "I'm pretty much in love with it," said Barley after his first session.

Mountain Dew
four hours ago
Setups: Brandon Davis Explains His Park-Lapping Machine

If you haven’t noticed already, the board Brandon Davis chooses to ride isn’t a regular looking twin cut shaped board. Although the square nose and tail board has a shorter and wider profile, which makes it ideal for powder, but that doesn’t stop Brandon from taking it off jumps and jibs. Peep Brandon’s setup video above to get the full scoop on his unique whip.

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