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U.S. Revolution Tour - Waterville Valley 2017
33 minutes ago
Mack And Healey Top Podium At Waterville

It was a great week for U.S. Snowboarding at the Toyota U.S. Revolution Tour, with Kyle Mack (Bloomfield, MI) taking a win and Lyon Farrell (Haiku, HI) taking second for the men and Nora Healey (Plymouth, NH) earning a win for the women.

two hours ago
After the worst Pipeline season in recent memory, the beast finally woke up yesterday. And of course, Koa Rothman was there to conquer it. The point here: when you get a chance, you got to take it - cause it might just end up feeling this good.

Video by: Alex Kilauano

Transworld Snowboarding
three hours ago
Injury & Recovery – Making a Video Part With Dan Brisse, Episode 1

Getting hurt sucks. Dan Brisse’s schedule takes an unexpected turn when he gets hurt in SLC while filming for the season. After some recovery time, he traveled to Quebec for the first time to start getting his clips. The guy goes exponentially bigger than most, often working with a big crew as well as occasional construction equipment to set up the spot. Take a behind the scenes glance at Brisse filming for Union Binding Co’s Stronger movie.

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